lundi 28 septembre 2009

Hey Ladies

First, don't forget we must read the text with french accent and mistakes.

Hey girls what's up?

So what plans girls ????? It's Friday night!
Ok, I pick up Emily at 9:30 pm and we arrive to the Progrés. The restaurant's reservation is at 10:00 pm of course we will be on time!ah!ah!ah!
One hour later bla bla bla bla "wine", half hour later bla bla bla "wine"
Sir, may we have the card please, we are hungry !!! "wine"
Ten minutes later, a fight yeah Emily Rocky is with us "kung-fu fighting"
After bla, bla, bla, wine, salad, french fries, kick boxing we decided to go to the Baron, the Baron's cocktail is amazing...strawberry, I know is not very interesting but I love strawberries...
3:00 am time to go to sleep for Emily, Jade and me (Alice, Sophie, Chloé..stayed)
We caught a taxi and fifteen minutes later we were to the Open house, damned!
"Crazy blackberry messenger" a lot of fun, a lot people, house music, gogo dancers...
5:00 am, my bed is my best friend...

Emily was great to see you and see you next time to Berlin before the BBB

bisou bisou

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  1. Fucking RAD! the english text is on point!!