dimanche 20 septembre 2009

Booji's style by Mdot

Thank you, thank you so much Mdot for the shoes. We try to speak English with french accent of course.
Last sunday, we are very very late.... we know! we know! During the brunch, we decided to make some pictures, movie, shooting, bible... of booji's shoes ah!ah!ah! Not boogie but Booji, do you understand Sandrine? Sorry I don't speak english, try japanese.
Booji was created about one year ago by Mdot. On the pictures, you can see the new collection holiday 09. Yes, we are V.I.P ah!ah!ah!
We love the shoes, new design, details, comfortable, many colors, praticable and different functions.
Let me explain to you...
Girls we don't need anymore bags, wallets... no way why????? look at pictures 12, 13 and 14. It's a good example, for sure.
What can you see???? "Special pocket" hé!hé! inside you can put all your life, cigarettes, gloss, blackberry, mascara, money, chewing-gum (it could be useful). Everything you need!!! You know what I mean......
Wonderful I know, I know you want the shoes. Yeaaaaaah!!!!
Ok ok ok, only a part of your life. Ah!ah!ah
Mdot, we hope to see you sooooooooon to Paris( with a new pair of shoes ah!ah!ah!) or maybe to San-Francisco in March!!!! Remember, we must go to L.A.
Many kisses from Paris, we love you........

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  1. Deydey01:41

    Je les veuuuuux !
    Où? Quand ? Comment? Combien ???

  2. Pas disponible encore sur Paname....mais dès qu'on a l'info....on la balance direct....t'inkiètes!!!