vendredi 23 octobre 2009


I want my DJ...

Gimme Gimme some more...please!!! The characters are so funny, simple, interesting. "The heads" signature by Alex DJ A change every time, one day you can see a skull, a rastaman, an angel, may be on a garbage, a door, surprise! But always with the famous message "I want my DJ".
So last time, at home with friends, ham, cheese, beers ... Oups! Krink.
Later...for the second time Alex made a drawing in our bedrooms, so cool heads on the walls, now we can sleep well!
"Color your rOOOm".......
Don't worry, the owner complety agree with that!!!
Thank you DJ A, we love that! and you can listen to his music, is a great DJ,
you can dance all night long...
Take a look at"great pictures".....

1 commentaire:

  1. ahhh mais j'avais trop pas fait le lien entre les têtes dans vos chambres et celles dans la rue !!
    coool (avec 3 "o") !!!